Wealth Creation
through Tokenization

Start investing in income producing assets that are managed by professionals for as little as $500.

Tokenize Assets Offers

Unique income producing assets, SEC-compliant, with fractional ownership through tokenization that provides liquidity and diversification

Unique income producing assets

All assets are throughly vetted to offer the best income producing investor opportunities

Diversified Portfolio Options

Take advantage of various assets for building your portfolio

Lower Barrier to Entry

Tokenize assets unites small and large buyers

How our marketplace works

1. The property is submitted to our underwriting team.

2. If approved, property is place.

3. Property is inspected and appraised.

4. Property is placed on the marketplace.

5. Property is fully tokenized.

6. Property is closed and ownership is transferred to the LLC which is owned by the token holders.

7. Tokens are issued to the token holders.

8. Property documents are placed on the blockchain.

Empowered ownership

Fractional owners vote on all property decisions through our governance system.